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small group tuition singaporeSmall Group Tuition Singapore is set up by three education professionals who are highly-qualified and experienced. They are also recipients of many educational awards for their passion in teaching and pursuit of academic excellence (please refer to “Our Tutors“). Having been teaching for more than 10 years, they seek to fully utilize their deep knowledge, skills and know-how to help students overcome any academic challenges, improve grades and excel in their studies.

As tutors and owners, parents can be absolutely certain of the quality and effectiveness of our services. Compared to tuition agencies, there is a higher risk of  getting someone with questionable commitment. Unfortunately, this is quite prevalent in the industry due to the lack of a proper national regulatory framework. (Please see “Finding A Good Tution Centre“) .

All our tutors are NIE trained and MOE-qualified. Given their vast experience in the education industry, they are well-informed and conversant with any changes in Singapore’s education landscape. This is especially crucial in preparing students well for their major national examinations such as the G.C.E “O” and “A” Levels that most students in Singapore take.

(More information on MOE Framework Outline below).

Equally important, our Rates are very competitive when taking into account the quality of the tutors and small class size. This is proof of our commitment to ensure your child’s academic success.



Small Group Tuition

We tutor all subjects in Junior College and Integrated Program as well as Primary School and Secondary School. We also teach Higher Chinese Language for G.C.E. “O” Level. Currently, all our classes do not exceed 5 students and the small class size enables us to provide personalized guidance to everyone.

With the small class size, it not only provides close mentoring, but also allows structured interaction and socialization among the students. This makes lessons more interesting due to the opportunity to discuss and analyze problems together, which in turn allow them to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects. In-house assignments will also be given on a regular basis to reinforce what have been learnt in class. Some of them have even gone on to develop close friendships with one another. Coupled with our friendly and experienced MOE tutors, classes are never dull or dreary. Students who have any problems with their school assignments can also approach the tutors anytime for further assistance.

In private home tuition, although the student will be provided with undivided attention, spending 1 ½ to 2 hours alone with a tutor can often lead to boredom. This will lead to restlessness, loss of concentration and the inability to fully absorb what is being taught. Aside from the higher cost, precious time is also wasted and this could prove critical when preparing for a major examination in Singapore.

We will usually start a new class with a minimum of two students, but will seriously consider any request to start with just one as we are fully committed to help as many students as possible to overcome their academic challenges. However, this will be subjected to certain conditions. Please feel free to Call Us any time for a consultation and we will do our utmost to facilitate your request. You are also welcomed to speak to any of our experienced tutors who can provide you with invaluable advice.



Parents should take note that tuition centres in Singapore are regulated under the Education Act and their tutors are required to be registered with MOE. In doing so, MOE will ensure that the academic qualifications of the tutors meet the minimum standards required to teach the proposed subjects. As for tuition agencies which only provide matching services between tutors and students, they are not regulated under the Education Act or the Private Education Act. Hence, the MOE has cautioned parents to exercise much greater discernment when engaging them.



Why Small Group Tuition Singapore

Although every types of tuition have their advantages and disadvantages, a small group combines the best of one-to-one and group tuition. It is also more cost effective and provides students the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

  1. More Interactive and Fun – Learning in a small group allows close interaction between the students and makes learning more fun.  In one-to-one tuition, boredom can often set in, causing the child to lose concentration.
  1. Reinforced Understanding – Concepts can be reinforced and clarified when students work together and solve problems with the tutor in close attendance. The sharing and application of knowledge in a group will further strengthen their understanding of the subject matter.
  1. Better Motivation – Friendly competition among the students motivates them to work harder and improve themselves.
  1. Shared Experiences – Having a mix of students from different schools offer opportunities for sharing of different learning experiences and perspectives.
  1. Exposure to More Challenging Questions – Exposure to a variety of questions raised by students from different schools helps reinforced understanding of the subjects.
  1. Close Mentoring – Having fewer students allows the tutor to adjust the pace of teaching to ensure effective learning.
  1. Easier Scheduling – It is easier for the tutor to schedule a class in a new school year, taking into consideration the different commitments (such as CCA and other school activities) of students from different schools.
  1. More Affordable – It is usually more affordable compared to one-to-one tuition.


Why Not Large Tuition Classes?

The following are four main disadvantages of studying in a large class:

  1. The tutor, even the experienced ones, is unable to effectively cater to the learning pace of all students.
  2. A potentially more noisy environment, causing students to be distracted.
  3. The presence of potentially disruptive students.
  4. More difficult to schedule new classes or reschedule a makeup class due to the higher number of students.

At Small Group Tuition Singapore, such problems will be eliminated by the small number of students in all our classes (not more than 5 students per class currently). Due to the small number of students, our experienced tutors can offer more personalized guidance, teach more effectively and enable students to optimize their learning outcome.



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