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We represent three very well-established tuition centres in the Bukit Merah / Alexandra Road area, providing a host of tuition programmes for Primary and Secondary School, as well as Junior College (JC) and Integrated Programme (IP) that cater to students of varying abilities and needs.

These include small group tuition with classes of five students or less, as well as classes with up to 10 students. There are also some classes with more than 10 students which specifically cater to the high demand for the services of the tutor who has built up a solid reputation over the last 15 years. At the same time, the tuition fees for such classes are kept more affordable to reach out to as many students as possible who require academic assistance.

We also have classes for Secondary School Higher Chinese. To find out more about our various programmes, tuition schedules and vacancies, please contact us here.

In addition, we have two new intensive programmesPrimary School Help and Secondary School Consultation  that cater to academically weak students. These programmes, which have been piloted in the last year, have helped students achieved marked improvements in their examination results. Due to the encouraging feedback from parents, they have become part of our full-fledged services.

We have also started a Secondary School Science Workshop which seeks to impart knowledge and essential understanding for Chemistry and Physics. For more information, please click here.

All our programmes are closely aligned with Singapore’s education system and are aimed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and thinking processes to do well in major examinations. These include the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), Singapore General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (O-level) and Advance Level (A-level) examinations. We also cater to students who are in the Integrated Programme (IP).

Parents who enrol their children with us can be 100% confident of the quality and effectiveness of our services. As we are a brick and mortar business, upholding the reputation of the tuition centres and gaining the trust of parents are our absolute priorities. As the tuition centres are owned by the tutors themselves, this will provide added confidence of our commitment to your child.

When compared to tuition agencies, parents face a higher risk of getting someone with questionable commitment. Unfortunately, this is quite prevalent in the industry due to the lack of a proper national regulatory framework. (Please see “Finding A Good Tution Centre“).




Small Group Tuition SingaporeAll our tutors are university graduates, with many of them either MOE or ex-MOE teachers. Given their vast experience in the education industry, they are well-informed and conversant with any changes in Singapore’s education landscape. This is especially crucial in preparing students well for their major national examinations.

(More information on MOE Framework Outline below).



Parents should take note that tuition centres in Singapore are regulated under the Education Act and their tutors are required to be registered with MOE. In doing so, MOE will ensure that the academic qualifications of the tutors meet the minimum standards required to teach the proposed subjects. As for tuition agencies which only provide matching services between tutors and students, they are not regulated under the Education Act or the Private Education Act. Hence, the MOE has cautioned parents to exercise much greater discernment when engaging them.


Advantages of Group Tuition

Although every types of tuition have their advantages and disadvantages, group tuition provides students the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

  1. More Interactive and Fun – Learning in a group allows close interaction between the students and makes learning more fun.
  2. More Affordable – It is usually more affordable compared to private 1-to-1 home tuition.
  3. Reinforced Understanding – Concepts can be reinforced and clarified when students work together and solve problems with the tutor in close attendance. The sharing and application of knowledge in a group will further strengthen their understanding of the subject matter.
  4. Better Motivation – Friendly competition among the students motivates them to work harder and improve themselves.
  5. Shared Experiences – Having a mix of students from different schools offer opportunities for sharing of different learning experiences and perspectives.
  6. Exposure to More Challenging Questions – Exposure to a variety of questions raised by students from different schools helps reinforced understanding of the subjects.
  7. Easier Scheduling – A tutor in tuition centre who teaches full-time has more flexibility in scheduling classes compared to a private home tutor who is either a student or a full-time employee who teaches part-time.


Disadvantages of Private 1-to-1 Home Tuition:

  1. Boredom – In one-to-one tuition, listlessness can often set in, causing the child to lose concentration.
  2. Costly – Usually more expensive compared to group tuition.
  3. Tutor-Dependent – Tendency of the child to get help from the tutor to complete school assignments
  4. Less Independent in Thinking – An over-reliance on tutors for custom-made answers, leading to the inability to think and learn independently
  5. Bad Time Management Habit – Study shows children with private tuition tends to pay less attention in school as they think they can always make-up with their private tutors
  6. Lack of Credential, Experience and Commitment – Most are Part-Time Tutors who may not have the credentials, ability or experience to teach effectively. Many of them are also unable to stay with the students as they progress through each level.



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